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5 Electric Scooter Safety Tips You Should Know

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A growing number of people, from children to teens and even adults, use electric scooters for both leisure and travelling. While they’re incredibly fun to ride, electric scooters can lead to accidents or injuries. Here are the five electric scooter safety tips to follow for you to stay safe and enjoy your ride.  

1.   Wear protective gear

Helmets and other protective gear can save your life! Helmets are an additional layer for your head and reduce the risk of head injuries by mitigating any impact of force or collision.

The Australian government has also created a mandatory requirement for anyone riding an electric scooter to wear a helmet. The same regulations apply to any other personal vehicles (such as non-electric scooters and skateboards).

2.   Stick to speed limits

While there different laws govern electric scooters in Australia vary across states, there are some general rules about max speeds. Generally, riders should not exceed 200W power. (In VIC, NT and WA, you’re allowed to ride at a max of 10km/h. In QLD and the ACT, you’re allowed to ride up to 25km/h.)

However, there have been recent federal law amendments that now define electric scooters as part of the brother PMD (personal mobility device) category. Which means riders have a uniform 25km/h speed limit, without power restrictions. Great news for heavier riders and hill riders.

3.   Check before you ride

Before using your electric scooter, start it up and ensure everything is fine and working. Do the tires have any visible damage? Are the brakes working well? After giving it a quick overall scan – you’re good to go!

Also be sure to check your surroundings and watch where you’re going. Look behind and in front of you, particularly for pedestrians. Focus on your path and stick to your lane. Watch out for barriers or obstructions. Respect other riders and pedestrians, and give way when possible. Responsible riders who follow traffic signs and rules make life better for everyone.

Watch for slippery surfaces and avoid riding in the rain when possible – or stick to low speeds. 

4.   Keep it charged

The latest electric scooters have built-in battery, which you can plug into a power source – not other steps required!

If you have an older model, you may need to remove the battery by detaching it from the frame, then plug it into a charging base or power outlet. Newer models are a great choice to save you this hassle.

You may also be familiar with “max range” for e-scooters – which is how much distance you can get with a single charge. Being out and about or in the middle of nowhere when your e-scooter dies is the last thing you want. 

If you’re a rider who doesn’t want to charge your scooter each night after use, it’s great to choose one with a bigger max range. (A max range of at least 30ks is ideal – particularly if you’re using it every day!)

5.   One person at a time

Electric scooters aren’t built to ride tandem (even with one adult and a child). Stick to riding solo for safety, and protection against insurance policies if you have any accidents (you may be held accountable for riding with two people!). Enjoy it, and let your friends try it if they want to give it a try themselves.


Follow these simple safety tips to get the most out of your ride. Apply them during your journeys to avoid accidents, stay safe, and have fun!