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Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations about using electric vehicles.

To use products listed on this website, please follow your local by-laws and use responsibly. Use caution and wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear when riding. E-rides for children and young riders should always be used with adult supervision for their safety, comfort and protection. 

Visit your area's government website to understand regulations and important operating requirements, such as maximum speed limits, age limits, area usage (public vs. private property), visibility (daytime and nighttime usage) mobile phone usage limitations, giving way and protective gear requirements. 


Product performance data is based on manufacturer information. Your vehicle's performance may vary depending on a number of operating factors including, but not limited to: load weight, charge time, charging conditions, length of usage and distance travelled, storage, neglect and misuse. 


Shop with comfort and confidence knowing products are covered by warranty. For warranty information about your chosen product, please read the warranty information on the product pages carefully. Some exclusions apply. All warranties, refunds and returns are assessed and approved on a case-by-case basis. By purchasing products, customers agree the warranty and liability of the seller is limited to repairing and/or replacing the product, and agree to the content in this disclaimer statement; warranty, repair and replacement eligibility must meet manufacturer performance specifications. 

This disclaimer is in line with Australian legal and consumer guarantee rights.