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Where can your ride hoverboards in Australia?

Advice from the experts at Australia Hoverboards

So, you’ve finally learned how to ride your hoverboard in the comfort of your home. What’s next? Is your hope for the next Marty-McFly-inspired adventure taking shape?

Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. Using hoverboards in public spaces is subject to Australian law and safety regulations. 

These laws and regulations vary between each state and territory, so be sure to research individual laws to enjoy your device safely and legally! Some areas are subject to enforced speed limits, limited area usage or bans in public places. 

Here's what you need to know about hoverboard use and laws in different parts of Australia. 


Riding hoverboards in public places is allowed! The state views hoverboards as personal mobility devices, where all riders using their devices in public spaces are considered pedestrians. 

If you're in Queensland, you're allowed to use your hoverboard on public paths, footpaths, and even bike paths. Just be sure to observe 25km/h speed limits and wear safety gear!

Australian Capital Territory

Using hoverboards on public property has been banned in the A.C.T. However, the law states you can still use it outdoors under certain conditions! 

For instance, you're not allowed on bicycle lanes and roads, but you are allowed on shared paths, footpaths, and bicycle paths; and if you need to cross the road. You can also use it in places that don't have shared footpaths and bike paths. (It's recommended, though, that riders shouldn't stay on the road longer than necessary.) 

The A.C.T. also has regulations about speed limits, based on the type of road you're riding on, using protective gear like helmets, and limiting riders to one per device. 


You can ride hoverboards on public street in Tasmania provided it is for a commercial tour. This includes roads, footpaths, parks, and other recreational areas. (Commercial tours must be approved by the Department of State Growth to be granted a short-term permit.) 

Aside from this, riding hoverboards in public spaces is not legal. 

Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales

Unfortunately, riding hoverboards in public areas, including footpaths and roads, in these states is illegal. If you're based in these areas, avoid the fines and stick to riding your hoverboard on private property! 

Final thoughts

You might think banning hoverboards in public spaces is a little extreme – after all, it's a simple, functional mobility device that can take you from one place to the next with ease! 

But, they do have the capacity to reach some pretty high speeds. And it's not just ourselves as riders we have to keep in mind. Public spaces are for everyone, including pedestrians. So Australian lawmakers have regulated the use of hoverboards to limit accidents and keep people safe.