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Electric Drift Grey HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift White HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26
Electric Drift HIMO Electric Bike C26

HIMO Electric Bike C26

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    • The perfect hybrid mountain bike to take you from city to nature.

      The HIMO C26 e-bike comes with an advanced electronic control system, high-definition LCD instruments, IPX7 waterpoofing against wind and rain and delivers real-time riding data.

      Large capacity battery to ride for longer

      The best thing about this incredible e-bike is that it comes with a large-capacity battery, hidden in the lower tube of the frame, with rich, durable high-power output and energy-efficient conversion rates. It has a long range of up to 60km electric and 100km cycling range.

      Small, extraordinary and lightweight

      The HIMO C26 e-bike achieves strong power output and reduced idling resistance to manage power consumption and increase your mileage. It comes with amplified torque, speed and climbing performance, a 250W high-speed motor and adjustable gears. Designed with a high-strength aluminium alloy frame, it's lightweight, strong and durable. This e-bike is built in strict accordance with EU standards and comes with a CCC certification.

      Suitable for all weather & sports riding features for rugged terrains

      The C26 comes with adjustable suspension, adjustable modes and shock absorption to help you navigate all types of terrains and road conditions. The lightweight and strong frames makes cornering and achieving the best performance easy.

      Safety features

      Ride safe with HIMO's responsive, efficient braking system (front and rear disc brakes), power-off sensors and double protection via battery lock and safety wrench for safety and convenience. Quick, stable braking (4km dry braking distance and 6m wet braking distance) will ensure your safety while riding. The C26 also features professional 26" cycling tyres with high-abrasion resistance and super strong grip. The tread is anti-slip and also prevents rolling friction: ideal for handling wet roads on rainy days. It also features rear reflector taillight for safer riding at night.

      Key features:

      Package inclusions: key, construction tool, charger, manual

      Top speed 25km/h

      Assisted mileage 100kms

      Power mileage 60km

      Max load 100kgs

      Weight: 25kgs

      26" tyres

      Important information

      Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations for using e-rides. To use this product, please follow your local by-laws and use responsibly. Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear while operating.


      • MAX RANGE 60km (electric), 100km (assist)
        WEIGHT 25kgs
        DIMENSIONS 1740 x 660 x 1050mm
        MAX SPEED 25km/h electric-assisted
        TYRES 26" professional cycling tyres
        MAX LOAD 100kgs
        MOTOR 250W, 48V
        BRAKES Front and rear disc brakes
        BATTERY 10Ah lithium battery
        FRAME Aluminium alloy
        LIGHTS Front and rear lights
        SEAT Adjustable seat

    • Q: What is a HIMO e-bike?

      A: An Himo e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor giving you power assistance to propel you forward. Ride with added electric power assistance as you pedal.

      Q: Are HIMO E-bikes same as electric-powered motorcycles?

      A: No, electric-powered motorcycles use a throttle to engage the power. HIMO e-bikes are pedal-assist. This means you have to pedal for motor assistance.

      Q: How long does it take to charge an Himo e-bike C26?

      A: Approximately 5 to 8 hours

      Q: How far can C26 go on full battery? (Under good road condition and weather conditions?

      A: Up to 60km

      Q: How fast can C26 motor go?

      A: Up to 25km/hr

      Q: What is the motor power output for C26?

      A: 250W

      Q: How is a HIMO E-Bike powered?

      A: HIMO e-bikes are powered by a Lithium-ion battery system.

      Q: Does pedalling charge the battery?

      A: No.

      Q: What's it like to ride? What are the benefits of a HIMO e-bike?

      A: Amplify your pedalling efforts! You can pedal it just like a regular bike, but with the support of electrical assistance. Riding is less painful on your knees and joints and you can also ride for longer. They're incredibly fun and allow you to explore more with less effort!

      Q: Where can I ride an e-bike?

      A: Many trails and bike paths allow e-bikes. Certified e-bikes follow the same standards as a regular bicycle, which might vary by state and city. Please check with your local govt. website for clarification.

      Q: Do I have to pedal to get assistance on my electric bike?

      A: Yes, you must pedal to get motor to assist you.

      Q: Can e-bikes go faster than the motor supports?

      A: Yes, it can go as fast as you can pedal. The motor will stop increasing speed after reaching its max speed of 25km/hr.

      Q: Can I ride with a flat battery?

      A: Yes, you can still ride your E-bike like other regular bikes when the battery is flat.

      Q: Does an E-Bike require any special maintenance?

      A: Caring for an e-bike is similar to a regular bike. You need to keep the tyres inflated and the chain lubricated and check your bike regularly to change the wore-out parts.

      Q: How do I store E-bike

      A: Lithium ion batteries should be stored at 10 to 25 degrees Celsius; battery life depletion may occur if left outside for prolong times. we recommend storing them indoors away from direct sunlight, water, and heat.

      Q: Can I ride E-bike under any weather or road condition?

      A: Unlike a regular bike, an e-bike is more sensitive to water damage. You should ride you e-bike under good weather condition and smooth, even ground. You should not ride it during bad weather where excess water is expected.

    • All HIMO eBikes come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty, so you can buy and ride with confidence.

      You are entitled to a repair or replace for a product failure, provided it reaches warranty requirements. Clear descriptions of the issue, how it occurred and photo/videos will greatly assist in processing a warranty/repair assessment.


      Please note, some exclusions apply. All returns and warranty claims are accepted, provided they are not in breach of the following exclusions or physical damage caused by the owner or end-user, including: a) Damage caused by nature or acts of God, b) Negligent or incorrect use of the Product, c) Commercial use of the Product, d) Modifications to any part of the Product, e) Damage caused by use with non-HIMO products, f) Damage caused by negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes, g) Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by the manufacturer’s instructions provided by HIMO or with improper voltage or power supply, h) Damage caused by servicing of the product (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Panmi, i) Damage caused by natural wear and tear.

      Safe Usage

      Wear protective gear and a helmet at all times while using this product. This e-bike is recommended for riders 16 years+

      Returns & Refunds

      Find out more on our Returns & Refunds Page.

    • Check out the HIMO C26 in action!

      Electric bikes are all about fun, adventure and convenience. The HIMO C26 e-bike allows you to reach speeds of up to 25km/h with pedal assist and 100km range. It features variable speed drive and responsive electronic brake assistance. Watch the video to discover all the things there are to love about the C26.

      HIMO: A leading electric vehicle brand

      HIMO Electric Technology specialises in researching, developing and producing two-wheeled electric vehicles. A brand at the forefront of tech and digital solutions, HIMO's mission is to change the future of commuting by creating products that are green, innovative and fun. Its product range is synonymous with reliability, safety and efficiency.


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