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Voltrium Riding Scooters 20Ah Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter
Voltrium Riding Scooters Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter

Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter

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      • NEW Voltrium Rogue 1600 (GEN III) scooters come with 12" wheels, alloy deck with laser-etched logo, low-profile LED headlights, integrated display cluster and improved mudguards.

        The Rogue 1600 scooter is an entry-level scooter with unlimited practicality. Its powerful lithium battery and efficient brushless motor is designed to keep going and going - taking you up to an impressive 40km range. Slingshot yourself from 0-30kms/h in 5.5 seconds. Propel yourself with 1600W of power and reach speeds of 45km/h on private property (25km/h in line with Australian public safety regulations). Stop safely with powerful disc brakes and see clearly ahead with LED headlights. Ride comfortable with a fully adjustable spring-loaded seat and enjoy up to 40km of riding range.

        This model is a strong choice for its power to weight ratio. Its rugged frame provides stability, while weighing in at 38kgs. Besides its impressive performance, this scooter is equipped with a spring-loaded seat for comfortable riding, with a range of optional accessories to make all your journeys, comfortable, relaxing and fun!

        Key features:

        48v 1600w (2000w Peak) High Torque Brushless Motor

        0 - 30km/h in 5.5 seconds

        12" pneumatic wheels

        20Ah or 30Ah battery

        Up to 40km range

        Super fast 2-4h charging time

        Front & rear lights

        Front & rear suspension

        Sturdy, adjustable spring seat

        Digital speedometer

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      • COLOUR Gun-metal grey
        MOTOR 48v 1600w (2000w Peak) High Torque Brushless Motor (lithium)
        BATTERY 20Ah battery, 1000 - 1200 Cycles (3 - 6 Years)
        SPEED 0 - 30km/h in 5.5 seconds, up to 45km/h on private property (25km/h in line with Australian public safety recommendations)
        TYRES 12" pneumatic tyres
        RANGE Up to 40km (*range may vary)
        CHARING TIME Super fast 2-4h charging time
        DECK ABS Plastic
        LIGHTS Front and rear lights (headlight output 300 lumens)
        SUSPENSION Front & Rear Suspension
        SEAT Adjustable spring seat
        BRAKES Mechanical Brakes + Electric Brake
        THROTTLE Half-twist throttle
        DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER Current speed, odometer, trip meter, average speed, max speed, backlit screen
        CONTROLLER OPTIONS Smooth Start & Fast Start Available (
        SPEED SETTINGS 10Km/h, 25km/h, 30km/h options
        MAX LOAD 125kgs
        WEIGHT 38kgs
        DIMENSIONS Folded 116 x 62 x 25cm, unfolded 116 x 62 x 122cm


    • Voltrium scooters are covered by a 1-year warranty and 2-year warranty on lithium batteries, so you can buy and ride with confidence.

      Voltrium products are covered by warranty, following ACCC guidelines. If you require technical support due to product failure for parts covered under your warranty, please get in touch and we can arrange the replacement parts. Voltrium warranty covers limited parts if defects occur.

      Some exclusions apply

      This warranty does not cover change of mind after purchase. (However, depending on the condition and time period between your date of purchase, Voltrium may offer a buyback option.) Each request is handled on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, customers are responsible for return postage costs.

      The warranty does not cover: quick-wear parts (e.g. lights, tyres, tubes, braking system etc.), artificial damage (such as water damage, damage from an inappropriate power supply, inappropriate accessories, unauthorised opening of the scooter/motor), external surface damage or damage from accidents or misuse.

      Safe usage

      Use your scooter in line with manufacturer instructions and local Australian laws. Use protective accessories, including a helmet, knee protectors, elbow protectors, riding gloves and suitable garments. The product’s speed and travel range are affected by rider’s weight, wind, wheel air pressure and the product’s battery charge status. Do not tamper with the device, as this will may the warranty and may affect the safety of the device. By purchasing this product, customers agree the warranty and liability of the seller is limited to repairing and/or replacing the product. Warranty claims must be accompanied with original proof of purchase.

      Fast ordering and shipping

      All Voltrium product purchases are typically processed in 1-4 days, depending on the item. Shipping usually takes around 1 - 8 business days, depending on the location. Some rural locations can naturally take a little longer to reach you. All scooters and parts are shipped through reputable freight partners, including TNT and TOLL. Alternative carriers may be used if items can be shipped to your faster and more affordably.

      Returns & Refunds

      We’re confident that you will be absolutely delighted with the quality and value of our products. If you are not totally satisfied for any reason, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. Find out more on our Returns & Refunds Page.

    • All about the Voltrium Rogue Series

      Voltrium's Rogue series represents the brand's original electric scooter range - an Aussie icon for rugged, reliable and exhilarating fun! The series has been especially designed to facilitate your daily commute, weekend joy rides and everything in between.

      Perfect for everyday use and long journeys, Voltrium's seated scooters are comfy enough to use for extended periods. They're great for recreation - but they're a real workhorse too. Voltrium's adjustable, replaceable seats cater for all riders who want comfort and performance.

      Voltrium: Experience and expertise you can trust.

      Voltrium scooters are Australian engineering at its best. This must-loved, well-established brand delivers the very best products for riders who want comfort, as well as performance. With over 7 years' industry experience in the e-scooter market, Voltrium's knowledgable team delivers high-quality products with exceptional design and the widest range of parts and accessories.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    James P
    Quality product, value for money

    I rely heavily on the customer reveiws for any perspective purchase. Quality of products and their value for money drive my buying power. So With that said, STOP READING NOW AND BUY ONE OF THESE SCOOTERS!!!
    We initially purchased the 1600w lead model for our sons birthday last year and what can I say but, wow!
    45km/hour (tested against iPhone gps speedo app)
    -20-25km range (again tested against IMAP distance reading)
    -Great acceleration (tested against the next door neighbours mean old dog, he didn't even get close .)
    good build quality and spec.
    -extremely comfortable and economical
    My son only has one complaint regarding our purchase,
    which is that he doesn't get a go on it very often as his sister and father are CONSTANTLY borrowing it!!!!
    Needless to say, we're very happy.
    Customer service is also second to none.
    The guys sent the scooter out that same day, as we wouldn't have received it by his birthday otherwise (were in Perth)
    So thumbs up on that too.
    Just as a note too, once I have finished writing this review, I will be putting in an order for the 2000w lithium model for some scientific reasearch
    Yeahhhh boyeeeeeee!!!!
    There's no such thing as adults, were just big kids with money!!!

    Brett L.
    Quick delivery

    Hi there, delivery was quick and not a problem at all to set up. This scooter is a beast, Hold on when you put it into turbo mode!!! really pleased with the specs: I personally reached 43.1kmh top speed on flat ground and got 25kmh distance off the first charge of the battery (according to the cycle computer)very pleased with this product. Well Done..Thanks

    Steve and Colleen
    Specs as quoted

    We purchased one of these scooters for our son for him to be able to commute to university, he suffered a serious knee and foot injury and with no car parking available (find an empty space is near impossible) he is forced to park off campus and try to walk up hill with back pack hence why we now have a scooter. I chose this one because of the specs that were quoted, with son and back pack weighing 90kg we thought this was suitable and we were right, the 15 min walk now take 3 mins on scooter, it has plenty of torque for most hills and doesn't worry it at all ( on real steep hills the type people walk up for fitness it may struggle a little bit ) the brakes are adequate, suspension is firm. The overall construction is impressive and feels strong, great little trip computer and speedo, seat is comfortable, it will do 40 km per hour no probs on flat, haven't tested range of battery yet but with the battery indicator next to the throttle grip and the use that it has had I have no reason not to believe it will go 20 -25 km on one charge as they say. It folds up easy and the battery is easily removed to make it lighter if needed when lifting in and out of car. l was also impressed with delivery tracking service, first class. Highly recommend this scooter and supplier. Steve. All in all it was a great buy. I was a little unsure at first but turned out to be perfect. Would definitely have no hesitation in recommending Voltrium and the scooter. Colleen

    Chris M.

    These guys are great. Quick delivery, quality product. Turbo mode is amazing. battery range is great. Customer service excellent. Well done .

    Achilles Y.
    Great piece of gear

    Well, let me be the first to review this great piece of gear. I am a novice when it comes to this type of technology but I know when something feels good and this scooter feels great!! It's really well put together and feels solidly constructed. Attention to detail is excellent and it rides beautifully. Steering feels tight and the disk brakes are more than effective, even at high speeds. There's plenty of 'grunt' from the 1500 watt, brushless motor and in turbo mode one can easily reach speeds of 50 kmh!! (I weigh 72kg) The digital speedo shows speed, has a trip meter, clock and stopwatch and serve it's purpose fine. A 'backlit' feature might be a option to consider, especially for those of us who ride at night or really early in the morning, as I do. The headlight and brake light are more than adequate and these are activated by the two stage key switch, simple but effective. I find the accelerator a little 'touchy' and not a 'gradual' process. Perhaps this is something which needs to be addressed from the design stage, not sure. I'd like to see a range of color options for this scooter. I'd also like to see more accessories ie: pack rack, mirrors, choice of gearing and even the 'belt drive' option, which I assume would make the scooter even quieter. In concluding, I love the looks on peoples faces as you quietly ride through town. I've had two people stop and chat to me at traffic lights! So far, there has been 'no-issue' with the law, mind you, I ride quite slowly in the city unless I'm on a bike track where I GUN IT'.!! All in all, a wonderful purchase, do yourselves a favour and buy one of these 'freedom machines', oh and don't forget to wear your helmet!!


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